"With Dane, I felt like we were kin. I saw him in a play in New York, Aliens, and then I did a play reading with him where we were playing Leopold and Loeb. There are actors that make you come alive and Dane is one of them. That was it for me. Then for the screen test it was like we really loved each other and got each other." - Andrew Garfield

Andrew’s such a great actor and he has such a great understanding of who Spider-Man is and who Peter Parker is and really just does an amazing job of embodying both those characters. He showed up to work every day prepared and ready to bring it, and any time you’re working with an actor of that caliber, it just makes the job easier because you know they’re going to come prepared and ready to go to battle. - Dane DeHaan

I hate being sick.;___;

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You wanna know how powerful I am? Well, so do I.


Friends meme |  three romantic relationships ↦ 01. Mike & Phoebe

Infinite list of my favorite movies » Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

“Me and my sister, we… have a past. We almost died at the hands of a witch. But that past made us stronger. We got a taste of blood, witch blood. And we haven’t stopped since.”

Dive right into our Brand new Blue, yeah!

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  • Baby: d- d-
  • Dad: Daddy?
  • Baby: Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions
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something about memories

They’re still not coming on, man! And the lotion and the powder have made a paste!

"Here’s the thing about nice, quiet dorks like Andy… you get over us much faster than we get over you."